Science Writer

Intern by day, freelance writer and Etsy artist by night. 

About Me

My Experience

In May, I graduated from William & Mary with degrees in environmental science and public policy. I interned at Consortium for Ocean Leadership and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and I held two research positions at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Currently, I'm the US Communications intern at Oceana, the world's largest ocean advocacy group. In my free time, I'm pursuing science writing to complement my passion for ocean conservation.

My Skillset

I'm a motivated self-starter with a unique interdisciplinary background in marine science, environmental science, and public policy. I combine this knowledge base with  sharp writing skills and a creative mindset to generate comprehensive and thought-provoking content.

My Passions

I'm constantly searching for answers to global environmental problems and humanitarian issues. On the Metro, you'll spot me with a book in my hands, and I've been journaling for over ten years. I love gardening and exploring nature, and I have a very spoiled beta fish named Khaleesi. 

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